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Our Mission:

Helping Our Abled Friends Through Entertainment

At Foam and Flight, we are committed to creating a space where everyone can join in the fun. We believe that entertainment knows no bounds, and our mission is to ensure that our events are accessible and enjoyable for everyone, including our differently-abled friends. Robert, James and their passion for inclusivity is at the heart of our company.

Meet our founders:

James and Robert

Man with Checkered Shirt



"Hi everyone! My name is Robert! I am from Central Illinois. I was born with (CP) Cerebral Palsy! I started this business with my Best Friend aka Caregiver. My life goal was to always create memories and uplift everyone.  Never giving up my dream has brought me this great opportunity! 

I can't wait to bring smiles and laughter to all families of different backgrounds. I can't wait to meet all of you!"


"Hello My name is James aka best Friend of Robert. I grew up in the Springfield, IL area. I have 10 years of experience in the Entertainment business. I have one Kid and he is my heart. He is one of the main reasons why I wanted to start this business.
I want to give the opportunity to my son and Robert. My main goal for this business is not only to give opportunity but create safe, exciting,  memorable events that will bring families and communities together.
I wanna make a difference and provide a special service to kids."

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